The Natural Balance Program

A Self-guided Retreat

Are you in harmony and balance in all areas of your life?

How do you find balance?

For more guidance, click here to learn about the Natural Balance Plan: A self-guided retreat plans for body, mind and spiritual Balance:

  • Self-care plans
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness – eating, walking living
  • Reflection and contemplation
  • Healthy eating and living

This is a 21-day program to help you establish a personalized self-care plan (a “retreat”) that sets you on the path of peace and balance. The 21-day commitment is important because that is minimum amount of time required to establish new patterns of behavior. 

This program offers a guideline for self-coaching. It does not replace working with a personal coach or therapist. As a guideline, it may need to be modified to fit your personal needs. Feel free to create and individualize according to what feels right for you today!

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