Failure To Launch Emerging Adult Program

Emerging Adult Launch Therapy & Life Skills Services Program

Do you have an emerging adult who is stuck and needs help navigating their forward motion? Click here to make an appointment to discuss your emerging adult and help them move forward in a healthy and independent direction.

Many parents today are struggling with how to help their emerging adults from 18-32.  These adults are experiencing stunted growth due to depression or disillusion along with many of the mental health challenges listed below. The combination of parental dependence and these challenges prevents them from moving forward to embrace their independent future.

If you are a young adult struggling with life skills, step into your future with confidence and clarity with our Emerging Adult Launch Therapy & Life Skills Services program. This dynamic outpatient and coaching experience is meticulously crafted to energize and guide young adults towards a fulfilling life path. With us, you'll discover a holistic strategy, not just to spark motivation but also to solidify it with practical support through regular mental health therapy and everyday life skills coaching.

Imagine mastering the art of time management, cooking up a storm, navigating roommate dynamics, plotting your college journey, landing your dream job, managing your finances, and finding the perfect residence. That's just the beginning. As you carve out your goals, our program equips you with a tailored action plan to turn those dreams into tangible realities, bolstering your self-reliance and self-esteem along the way.

Our therapeutic approach is as unique as you are, grounded in nurturing relationships. Dive into a diverse therapy toolkit that includes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Trauma-Informed Care, alongside innovative methods like Equine Therapy, Somatic Therapy and a robust suite of healthy lifestyle practices.

Don't just navigate life's hurdles—soar above them. Join us and embrace the journey to becoming the architect of your own life, ready to meet and overcome the complexities of adulthood.

Our program serves young adults that may be suffering from the following ailments:

  • Depression
  • High Functioning Autism
  • Anticipatory Anxiety
  • Impulse Issues
  • ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)
  • Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Deficit
  • Eating Disorders (which has been treated; this is a maintenance program)
  • Executive Function Issues
  • Device, Social Media, Gaming or Substance Abuse (this program is designed as a post-treatment extension)

It is a unique program that combines life coaches, career counselors plus group and private therapy for young adults as well as therapy for their parents. This intensive program can achieve amazing results in a reasonable time by providing these customized services in concert to help your emerging adult succeed.

Integrated/Experiential Individual Therapy

Support and growth go hand in hand with our integrated and experiential therapy program. Here, your therapist isn't just a once-a-week voice but a constant presence, a dedicated member of a treatment team that's with you every step of the way. It's therapy that doesn't wait for the next session; it happens in real-time, in your real life.

Imagine having a compassionate guide by your side as you navigate the art of conversation, ready to help you untangle the web of emotions that may hold you back. Whether it's social anxiety, past triggers, or the challenge of stepping out of your comfort zone, your therapist is there to illuminate the path, not just instruct from the sidelines.

This is therapy that moves at your pace and molds to your needs. It’s about empowering you in the very moment you need it—turning every interaction, every challenge, into a stepping stone towards building robust social skills and understanding yourself better. It’s not just therapy; it’s a partnership in your personal evolution.

Every aspect of our program is customized to fit you like a glove, tailored to your distinctive needs, aspirations, and the very quirks that make you, you. With us, there's no one-size-fits-all approach; instead, we curate a personal experience that aligns with your unique path in life. Get ready for a vibrant tapestry of services that adjust to your rhythm, helping you flourish in your own unique way.

  • Group Therapy: Psychotherapy groups will take place 3-5 days per week. Topics will vary and may include subjects such as strengths and struggles, trauma, self-esteem/self-efficacy, achieving goals, or open feelings groups. Therapeutic models will include:
    CBT (for anxiety, depression, social skills, trauma), manualized 
    DBT (for distress tolerance and healthy coping skills), manualized 
    Somatic therapy (for self-awareness/body awareness, trauma healing)
    EFT (Emotion Focused Therapy) – Links emotions to identity and improves self-awareness and emotional processing
  • Coaching Groups: Topics will include time management, social skills, executive functioning topics (communication, organization skills).
  • Life Skills Coaching & Mentoring: This will include assistance with hygiene, menu planning, grocery shopping, nutritional education, housekeeping, budgeting, managing transportation, enrolling in school, looking for employment and managing employment. The overarching goal of the program is to promote self-reliance, independence and autonomy. 
  • Social Skills Coaching & Mentoring: This will help participants with everyday social interactions such as improving rapport, small talk, building deeper connections with people, addressing limiting social beliefs, addressing disagreements (conflict resolution), active listening, effective communications, empathy, relationship management, respect, communicating with roommates/housemates, teachers, supervisors and peers.
  • Executive Functioning/Organizational Skills: This will teach clients organizational skills required for life management, school success, vocational success, time management, prioritizing tasks, managing focus and distractions and self-management skills. EF challenges are common with our clients. Many have failed attempts at college because they could not manage the responsibilities involved even though they are typically very bright. EF is associated with success in life, leadership, resourcefulness, etc., and it can be learned throughout one’s lifetime. 
  • Academic Coaching & Mentoring: This is a core component of the program. Many of the participants will attend a local community college or a vocational program.  Use of technology will be available however, overuse and addiction patterns will be monitored and addressed when necessary. 
  • Family Therapy: Provided bi-weekly by a therapist on staff. The family dynamics often contribute to the young adult’s challenges, including mental health and failure to launch. Addressing any dysfunctional dynamics is crucial to the mental health and success of the clients. 
  • Recreational Therapy: Research shows that physical activity improves mental health functioning. To improve upon the many areas of functioning listed above, it will be important to incorporate physical activity and time in nature. Clients will have opportunities to exercise in gyms, walk in the community, spend time in nature (nature bathing), bicycle along the beach, surf, sail, hike, rock climb, etc.  
  • Other Activities: Engaging in fun activities will be crucial. Examples include table-top games, Dungeons & Dragons campaigns, outings on the weekends, etc.

Do you have an emerging adult who is stuck and needs help navigating their forward motion? Click here to make an appointment to discuss your emerging adult and help them move forward in a healthy and independent direction.

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