Natural Balance

Are you struggling with issues around anxiety, deep emotional pain, or trauma? Are you coping with relationship issues? Or, are you questioning what is the purpose of your life, your mission, and how to make choices in alignment with that on a daily basis? These areas and more can be explored in psychotherapy. I practice from a place of core solutions that are inherent within your situation already. Hope and possibilities are for you. I believe in every individual's innate ability to recover and heal, and my role is to offer guidance along the way! 

You may also be interested in an innovative therapeutic hiking program that I call hiking therapy. The purpose of hiking therapy is to heal psychological issues in nature, with the support of nature, a healing environment. This form of psychotherapy takes place during a mindfulness-based hike on a local nature path. Once we step outdoors, our emotions, experience, our sensations have the potential to instantly change. We take in the smells, sights sounds and feel of the natural healing environment. 

During a traditional psychotherapy session, I may recommend self-care techniques and coping skills that help with depression, anxiety and PTSD such as grounding. Well, grounding in nature is the quickest way to feel emotionally safe. I may recommend a 20 minute walk (3 times a week) which has been shown to reduce moderate depression as much as antidepressant medication (Mayo Clinic, 2014). Well, hiking therapy is a form of with “natural medicine.”

During an individual hiking therapy session we will meet at a local trailhead. These sessions are 90-100 minutes long. We will walk and talk about the what problem led you to seek therapy, and what you hope to change for your future. This will have psychotherapeutic process similar to office based therapy. We will spend time in stillness in nature to explore the deep rooted issues that require healing. The movement aspect will be relaxed and mindfulness based. We will sit in stillness and engage in deep relaxation breathing. You will also identify a focus word or phrase that allows you to be more grounded, and present.

Get back to earth, back to nature and your natural self emerges.  The rhythm and vibration of the earth is natural for all of us and it guides a profound healing process. Join me…

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